The signature brand Mantap Jewelry, has been built by two inspired people that wanted to stand out. Made by two lovers of the music scene. Every piece that gets into production, is 100% handmade. This way the jewelry you wear, is unique. 

“Fitting in allows you to blend in with everyone else, but being different allows you to be yourself, to be unique and to be more creative."
- @inkd_music_ & @


Every single Mantap piece is 100% handmade. And starts with sketches we make. During brainstorm sessions we draw pieces that are different or unique. We aim on making in difference, just as we do this in the music scene. Mainstream is boring. We want you to STAND OUT.


After sketching our silversmith makes samples of the pieces we drew. After reviewing this (testing it out ourselves and by our friends & family), we let the piece go into production. It takes an incredible amount of time to make just one single piece. But smaller scale production allows us track every step of making the jewel from A-Z. This way we can make your a piece that fits your size, your needs and your standards.

Afterwards we put the pieces on our website and socials and wear it ourselves every single day. We hope you like it and want you to #STAND OUT 

Come try out your piece in one of the stores or contact us on whatsapp for more information +32 479 014 557